Between Christmas reflection and the Future expectation

Days go and gets to year. The year running out and become points and stop in a period. Societies are built and old demolished. Today is yesterday already tomorrow. The wind of change is on-going and the past will never return.

The past sixty years have been good for humans in general, despite all the wars, crises, natural disasters, epidemics, pandemics and general misery. We live in individual decade and it’s good. For the first time in several thousand years, I get a chance to be seen and treated as the great I am, a human. The right to happiness and fulfilment is becoming increasingly obvious. Educational opportunities will help us to develop our personalities, but it’s primarily as a group – a community – we survive as a human being and not as an individual.

In recent decades, increased social imbalances, environmental disasters and abuse of power, combined with the digital revolution and globalization leads to thought and reflection. How sustainable is our current practice anyway? Resolutions, strategies and plans seems to no longer provide the return we expect it to give Although more and more nations become democratic succeed we do not reverse the growing imbalances. In the U S 1,6 million children is homeless. The ecological imbalance has reached a global, existential levels and social imbalances spreads with the storm’s speed to countries that previously appeared welfare model’s cradle. Politics and power are about to be separated. Our democratic government, according to traditional Western model, based essentially on the same old hierarchical power structures that the earlier religious and political elite system. Remain earth human plane, or are we already on the trail that continually leads to human species extinction?

Our survival will depend on whether we manage to save on the fly, to quickly return to a state where we are primarily human. What is human natural life? What do our ancestral genes of how we really should live? How would a human life in this case look like today?

The human, as a species, characterized by genetically inherited aptitude for monogamy, solidarity, equality, spiritual colored art, movement, dance, singing, laziness and conflict resolution through dialogue and not through violence. Group cohesion was the key to our survival. We are born on solidarity, we worked together and shared with us, we did not compete and we showed no aggression. Modern human became modern by converse and having fun, and because we were nice to each other and learned that, with a thousand different means resolving conflicts. They who dancing, stick together, they who stick together survival easier.

Humans are not made to live in hierarchies; we will work best if we get to decide for themselves in interaction and cooperation with others. Today’s problems and challenges are not the result of human nature. They are rooted in agriculture and civilization, the origin of religious and political power elites as a result. We need to have a lifestyle that allows us to bring our heritage to future generations and we know how such a life should look like. It’s about living as a human being. Our strongest drive is to belong, to get respect and credit for the unique creature right I am. Alienation kills human heart.

How can we encourage interaction between people, organization and locations from the small local ”village” to the big world?  An interaction based on the unique, subjective, and not the least common similarity. How can we strengthen group cohesion and build an increasingly dense network of community? Extending the current group to not only apply to our little “we”, our family, our friends, our closest with a common value and morality.

How do we go from listening to responding, to listen to understand? To drink in the words and let them embrace me, touch me. Participation and dialogue presupposes that we are ready for something to change. Our inherited genes have given us the tools, it is high time to start using them. It’s about interpersonal relationships in a community without masters or servants. It’s about a global “we” far beyond the last centuries, hierarchical models and political ideologies rooted in an inhuman time. It is about human survival and we are the ones who decide what the future will be designed. We must reclaim the community in the small and close and in the large and global. Only we can do it, none other than ourselves, the human on earth.


About sanderberg

I´m a Society Analyst, Innovator and Opinion leaders and I help people and organization to understand our completely new era and how it affects our society. I have summarized my thoughts and reflections in an interactive book in three parts, which I call Society Developers 2.0.
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