Thank you to all who have contributed to the site as readers of it , writers of posts, our mentors, coaches, and our teachers.

Including yet not exclusive to:

Alex Fenton Bjorn Sanderberg Paul Hobcraft Nigel Clements Ilene Dawn Alexander  Martin Murphy David C Roberts


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  1. Innovation the world over is tough, complex and challenging to manage- no question. The biggest challenges lie in social innovation, here we see society faced with huge issues that need innovative ideas and solutions to tackle them. Business is beginning to think about relating its goals with societies and when this ‘convergence’ gathers more pace, which it will, then we stand better chances to resolve these societal challenges. Here I will offer some of my thoughts and I hope others will equally share theirs. Combined we have more hope and increasing ‘voice’. Lets share.

    I work 100% around innovation- through my research I then write, advice, coach and consult and on my DNA of innovation blog you can find some of these ideas, go to

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