Bjorn Sanderberg

Bjorn has worked in public sector for 30 years in leading positions.  He now works independently as a Societal analyst, Innovator and Opinion leader.  Bjorn supports people and organizations in understanding  our completely new era and how it affects our society.

Bjorn has summarized his  thoughts and reflections in an interactive book in three parts called  Society Developers 2.0.

Bjorn stresses the importance of understanding the new time, building social capital and community.

Bjorn graduated from Lund University in Sweden –  social and economic studies.

Bjorn explains that the continuous development of our  society is divided into different phases with partly different players.

First comes the engineering phase, where
inventors and artist try to  develop the technology that drives the new
society; then comes the social phase, when the new technology is
socially accepted and incorporated; thereafter the economic phase,
where profits from the new technology are extracted;  and finally the
political phase, in which wealth is distributed.

When society has reached the last phase and is moving into a new shift it
begins to slowly disintegrate. Our  society and the political distribution of
wealth goes into pure crisis management. This also increases the
contradictions and tensions in society since the old social crisis
coincides with the new society´s social phase, with increased
unemployment, social problems, stress and illness.