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I´m a Society Analyst, Innovator and Opinion leaders and I help people and organization to understand our completely new era and how it affects our society. I have summarized my thoughts and reflections in an interactive book in three parts, which I call Society Developers 2.0.

Between Christmas reflection and the Future expectation

Days go and gets to year. The year running out and become points and stop in a period. Societies are built and old demolished. Today is yesterday already tomorrow. The wind of change is on-going and the past will never … Continue reading

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The best of two worlds

Fairness is a difficult concept. Taste it and you know soon that it tastes very much different if you or I taking it in the mouth. Let me tell you about Sweden, freely recovered from a story by Troed Troedsson … Continue reading

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Predicting the future

Societal innovation is for me, to find solutions to restore a divided society. It is about finding solutions here and now for a new societal building, who is in tune with his times- a contemporary so completely different from the … Continue reading

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We are in the middle of a transformative social change

Large transformative social change will put considerable pressure on the society. We see it everywhere in the world today, in Greece, in Spain, in Israel, in the Arab world and in England. When a societal era is approaching the final … Continue reading

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Understanding is the key to societal innovation

The social change in the last 30 years, is driven by Networking through Internet and globalization. We have developed an ability to store information and make it available to almost all forms. Almost all can now everything! This ability is … Continue reading

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