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About Nigel Clements

My work is about using the principles and methodology of Continuous Improvement to help teams and organisations seek practical changes for better performance. I particularly enjoy working in ways that teams at all levels can apply immediately to their situation. My expertise is centred on using the Deming Management Method to help organisations examine the way they operate, make changes based on their own experiment and learning, and become self-sufficient in creating a better future based on a better theory. Training, coaching, and consulting in systems thinking, better performance management based on understanding statistical variation, continuous improvement, and better ways of working helping everyone find “joy in work”. I am a very experienced facilitator of learning and development events, making them engaging, fun, and highly interactive. I will help you make sense of Systems Thinking, SPC, Performance Management, Lean, Six-Sigma, the Voice of the Customer, and the management of change in ways that you can employ directly.

Joy in Work – a Societal Innovation

When I first saw “Societal Innovation” I thought “What’s that?” Google gave me “good for society and enhances society’s capacity to act”.  I added in my mind “and enhances society’s capacity to survive”. So maybe there’s broadly two categories of … Continue reading

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