Role of innovation as society faces the ageing population

Lord Robert Winston lead a panel of internationally recognised experts at The Royal Institution on Tuesday 19th November 2013 to explore the role of innovation as society faces the critical challenge of an ageing population.

I believe this is well worth watching- both debates, start here:

In the last 150 years, improved standards of living and advances in medical science have doubled our life expectancy. Today, people in affluent countries expect to live well into their 80’s. In fact, life expectancy is increasing by more than five hours every day.

This is a remarkable achievement and should be a cause for celebration. Yet population ageing is one of the thorniest issues of our time. By 2050, for every person aged 65 years or older, there will be only two people aged 15-64 – and the proportion of very elderly people aged 80+ is set to triple.

Lord Robert Winston and the panel of distinguished panel experts explored

  • How best can we support older people in the UK and Europe?
  • How do we nurture healthy living with the help of technological and scientific innovation?
  • How might we rethink our approach to welfare and healthcare to tackle the major age-associated diseases?
  • How will an ageing society be funded and whose responsibility should it be?
  • How can innovation help society value older people and encourage older people to make an active contribution?

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