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Changing how (parts of) society thinks

How can we change how society thinks? We can take the radical path, promoting radically different ideas, demand changes, impose different laws, force change on society but that often does not work.It often alientates even more. If society or the … Continue reading

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Peace In and Out of Social Media

There is a heated debate going on about the effect of social media on politics. There are those who are sceptical about whether social media indeed had any impact with the recent upraising in North Africa and other places. According … Continue reading

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Change growing from the civil society

The image displays a model where societal innovations grow from the civil society. ACSI is also trying to change the society with this kind of a bottom-up model. Different societal issues rise into public awareness and gain stakeholders. Some stakeholders … Continue reading

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How can we recognise the creative expression of learning?

We are moving into a Post-Institutional phase of learning –  learning is something you can do anywhere.

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Money and Social Unrest

This post was written by David J Cord and was originally published in the Helsinki Times it is reprinted here with their kind permission. IT was disquieting to watch the riots in London. It is even more unsettling to think that violent … Continue reading

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Using Old Innovations and New Traditions to Create more Social Energy

How can we create more energy to enable societal innovation? How can we create more social energy – the energy that is created when we spend time in a stimulating environment with other people. Here are two possible examples. Pekka Himanen was the guest … Continue reading

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Personal Innovation and Societal Innovation

Earlier this month in Birmingham, England three men were murdered by a hit and run car driver at the height of a riot that was underway (some background to the English Riots of August 2011 here).  The next morning,  Tariq … Continue reading

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Predicting the future

Societal innovation is for me, to find solutions to restore a divided society. It is about finding solutions here and now for a new societal building, who is in tune with his times- a contemporary so completely different from the … Continue reading

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How do you change a city? Nurturing a love for it is one possible answer

Native Stokie, Bret Shah, aims to grow an affection and appreciation for the city among those who live and work there via the ‘Love Stoke’ project. It started with a Twitter account and the project’s digital identity grew when Bret … Continue reading

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Part 2 – On Conflict, Wicked Problems: Okay, Two More Big Questions

Britain’s Broken Society – David Cameron Broken Politics – Barack Obama Broken Families – okay, who among us hasn’t thought this at some point if not recently?  “I cannot imagine that people are born bad. Somehow, they are made bad. … Continue reading

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