Neven Kruzljak

We are delighted to introduce Neven Kružljak

Future marketing professional, tech enthusiast and a travel geek. Need more? Neven is at the moment finishing a Master’s degree at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business. As his interests also cover brand management, advertising and the emerging field of neuromarketing this has led him to explore what stimulates people’s creativity and ability to innovate.

During his studies he managed Brain Gain, a project aimed to connect Croatian students with intellectuals of Croatian origin living abroad. For a curious guy like Neven it was a great opportunity to think about the future of learning and knowledge sharing. Being passionate about the things he does helps him to think outside of the box and to keep a high level of motivation.

If he is not 20,000 feet in the air traveling to some new destination, chopping veggies in the kitchen or with his rowing mates practicing he will be answering all your questions at:

@nkruz (Twitter)