Heading for Malmo?

Heading to ACSI Camp 2013 in Malmö, Sweden!

This year ACSI Camp 2013 kicks off on the 26th-29th of August and focuses on sustainable urban development.

100 participants will explore new solutions for sustainable urban development in a multi-disciplinary and inspiring teams.

Aalto Camp for Societal Innovation ACSI is a new generation innovation agenda. This global platform for societal innovation brings together innovators, field practitioners, researchers, entrepreneurs and students from all over the world to co-create and test new and promising ideas to address societal challenges.

Challenges have been presented by companies, cities and other stakeholders, take a look at the full list of challenges we will be working to solve here.

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About David C Roberts

I am passionate about innovation, development, learning, and the future. I work internationally supporting individual entrepreneurs, organisations, educational institutions and government bodies. I am available to speak, facilitate learning sessions and run enterprise workshops. Areas of experience and know how include: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Leadership, Management Accounting, and People Development .
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