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Stafford Beer

At the beginning of Stafford Beer’s book “Brain Of The Firm” he explains communication in a very simple yet most effective way. I felt that his message was worth sharing. “In communication everything depends on what you end up with, not on … Continue reading

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An Abundance of Sex, Drugs, and Consumerism

For the typical 50-year-old western European (do your best to conjure up a stereotype) life has been good. There has been an abundance:  abundance of food; abundance of health services; an abundance of education;  and even  an abundance of the unmentionable trio of sex, drugs … Continue reading

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Three requirements for Societal Innovation

During this past week I have had to opportunity to play the role of ‘Thinker in Residence’ at the Aalto University Camp for Societal Innovation ACSI.  The camp enables attendees to self organise and experiment with new ideas, new possibilities, … Continue reading

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Using Old Innovations and New Traditions to Create more Social Energy

How can we create more energy to enable societal innovation? How can we create more social energy – the energy that is created when we spend time in a stimulating environment with other people. Here are two possible examples. Pekka Himanen was the guest … Continue reading

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Personal Innovation and Societal Innovation

Earlier this month in Birmingham, England three men were murdered by a hit and run car driver at the height of a riot that was underway (some background to the English Riots of August 2011 here).  The next morning,  Tariq … Continue reading

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How do you change a city? Nurturing a love for it is one possible answer

Native Stokie, Bret Shah, aims to grow an affection and appreciation for the city among those who live and work there via the ‘Love Stoke’ project. It started with a Twitter account and the project’s digital identity grew when Bret … Continue reading

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One Idea to Transform – Can You Make a Difference?

Can you make a difference? You can make a difference! What is your one idea, something that you could implement today, something that would make a difference to your community?  An idea that others could copy, replicate, and scale? An … Continue reading

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