Paul Hobcraft

Paul Hobcraft & Agility Innovation

Paul Hobcraft runs Agility Innovation Specialists; an advisory business that focuses 100% on stimulating sound innovation practice. Agility Innovation Specialists helps build innovation capability and capacity for organisations, teams and individuals.

We help grow your knowledge of innovation and look to provide the necessary additional intensity of focus needed for innovation success.

We research topics that relate to innovation for the future, applying what we learn to further develop organizations core innovation activity, offer appropriate advice on tools, techniques and frameworks so clients can achieve positive and sustaining results from their innovating activities. Web site:

I write a blog, called the DNA of innovation under which ‘allows’ me to move across the broad spectrum of innovation to try to make connections, to prompt different thinking or offer some (highly) personal views.

My personal journey has been varied, challenging but fun. This has taken me to live and work in Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Malaysia, Switzerland, the Netherlands, USA, Australia, and recently eleven years in Singapore.

In 2008 I moved back to Switzerland and presently focus my time between Asia and Europe for this innovation practice and its related sister company ( that focuses upon related subjects important to growing organisations capability in today’s world.




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