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I am passionate about innovation, development, learning, and the future. I work internationally supporting individual entrepreneurs, organisations, educational institutions and government bodies. I am available to speak, facilitate learning sessions and run enterprise workshops. Areas of experience and know how include: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Leadership, Management Accounting, and People Development .

The Elves and the Shoemaker: Exploring the Spirituality of Work

Originally posted on Soul Seeds:
Once upon a time, the country was in a recession, and a shoemaker and his wife fell upon hard times. One day, the cobbler found he had enough leather for only one more pair of…

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Heading for Malmo?

Heading to ACSI Camp 2013 in Malmö, Sweden! This year ACSI Camp 2013 kicks off on the 26th-29th of August and focuses on sustainable urban development. 100 participants will explore new solutions for sustainable urban development in a multi-disciplinary and … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Godisamanc's Blog:
  We are the threads that weave We are the busy bees We are the fabric and the seams The reason why we achieve   We are the warp and weft We earn our…

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Lessons Finland can learn from Nokia

In this week’s Helsinki Times David J Cord draws comparisons between Nokia and its parent country Finland. David writes… ‘FINLAND benefited greatly during Nokia’s time of success. We gained tax income, jobs, know-how, and a great international reputation. Yet we … Continue reading

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Corporate Social Responsibility and the Potential for Societal Innovation

A view from Manchester-Disruptive City How can we engage the talented ones into the fold of Societal Innovation? Later on this month the Olympic Games comes to London.  Some would argue that  without the financial support of corporate giants such … Continue reading

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Stafford Beer

At the beginning of Stafford Beer’s book “Brain Of The Firm” he explains communication in a very simple yet most effective way. I felt that his message was worth sharing. “In communication everything depends on what you end up with, not on … Continue reading

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MOOC: A Massive Open Online Course – Societal Innovation in Education?

On the 12th of September the MOOC  (a massive open on line open course) begins. Participation is free, there is no specific syllabus and participants in the course decide when, how, what, and why the want to learn.  This … Continue reading

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An Abundance of Sex, Drugs, and Consumerism

For the typical 50-year-old western European (do your best to conjure up a stereotype) life has been good. There has been an abundance:  abundance of food; abundance of health services; an abundance of education;  and even  an abundance of the unmentionable trio of sex, drugs … Continue reading

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Societal Innovation in Practice

This creation was produced at the Aalto Camp for Societal Innovation — ACSI–  which took place in Helsinki Finland, August 2011

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