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I write. I learn. I write and learn in order to communicate - in and across the multiculturally rich and complex communities in which I integrate life and work, play and passion. Within a uni, I teach about learning and communicating before teaching about pedagogies of all sorts because, otherwise, why bother. Teaching with understanding of learning and communicating is priceless.

Innovative Mentoring – Mentoring Innovately

During the drafting of this post, David Roberts and I talked about mentoring as part of a wide-ranging skype conversation, then I read his September 1st post which, from a conversation with Philippe Lukacs, notes these “Three Requirements for Societal … Continue reading

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Part 2 – On Conflict, Wicked Problems: Okay, Two More Big Questions

Britain’s Broken Society – David Cameron Broken Politics – Barack Obama Broken Families – okay, who among us hasn’t thought this at some point if not recently?  “I cannot imagine that people are born bad. Somehow, they are made bad. … Continue reading

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On Conflict, Wicked Problems and Answering THE Three Big Questions – Part 1

This is not the blogpost I intended for my first contribution to Societal Innovation– that was to come next week. Funny, how life unschedules intentions. The day I began reading other Societal Innovation postings from my University of Minnesota office, … Continue reading

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