Societal Innovation Network Events

We run an ongoing series of events which facilitate the opportunity for interested parties to collaborate and share their ideas on Societal Innovation (more about Societal Innovation here).

Government, Local Government, Business, Education, Health Services, and the World of Work have changed rapidly and will change even more quickly in the months and years ahead.

As members of the society we too have to change. We will need to change the way we think, the way we do things, and our expectations.

What can our new society look like and how can we contribute?

Societal Innovation Netwok seeks to offer an opportunity where interested and concerned individuals and organisations can learn about alternatives, learn about challenges, and start to shape how things can be.

We chose to hold our first event at the Nexus Art Cafe because the philosophy of the Art Cafe and their ability to bringing together people and support sustainable community development.

Dida Zende the Berlin social artist shared his FIT story  

Details of our upcoming events can be for on this page.

Nick Robinson

Penny Skerrett

Helen Varey

David C Roberts

Dave Dawes



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