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Corporate Social Responsibility and the Potential for Societal Innovation

A view from Manchester-Disruptive City How can we engage the talented ones into the fold of Societal Innovation? Later on this month the Olympic Games comes to London.  Some would argue that  without the financial support of corporate giants such … Continue reading

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The Age of Innonatives

In this blog post I want to share with you some interesting thoughts from the recently finished Aalto Camp for Societal Innovations. During the last days of August Dipoli congress center in Espoo was the place where magic happened, brilliant … Continue reading

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A call for a return to fairness

“We value effort, hard work, diligence, conscientiousness, and application; we do not value free-riders, shirkers, the slapdash, those who do the minimum or jobsworths “,  writes Will Hutton  in his latest book “Them and Us – Changing Britain – Why … Continue reading

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An Abundance of Sex, Drugs, and Consumerism

For the typical 50-year-old western European (do your best to conjure up a stereotype) life has been good. There has been an abundance:  abundance of food; abundance of health services; an abundance of education;  and even  an abundance of the unmentionable trio of sex, drugs … Continue reading

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Sinking and Swimming: Understanding Britains Unmet Needs

The Young Foundation (www.youngfoundation.org) produced a report in December 2009 called “Sinking and Swimming: Understanding Britains Unmet Needs”. This is a study of who is sinking and who is swimming in Britain. Since the study, I’m sure things have even … Continue reading

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Changing how (parts of) society thinks

How can we change how society thinks? We can take the radical path, promoting radically different ideas, demand changes, impose different laws, force change on society but that often does not work.It often alientates even more. If society or the … Continue reading

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Peace In and Out of Social Media

There is a heated debate going on about the effect of social media on politics. There are those who are sceptical about whether social media indeed had any impact with the recent upraising in North Africa and other places. According … Continue reading

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Personal Innovation and Societal Innovation

Earlier this month in Birmingham, England three men were murdered by a hit and run car driver at the height of a riot that was underway (some background to the English Riots of August 2011 here).  The next morning,  Tariq … Continue reading

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ACSI Camp for Societal Innovation

This short video clip gives an overview of the intentions and philosophy behind the Aalto University ACSI camp for Societal Innovation.

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Becoming aware of the Impact Economy for Social Good

The Impact Economy “The act of sense making is discovering the new terrain as you are inventing it.”—Brian Arthur The Impact Economy is about using profit-seeking investment to generate social and environmental good by placing capital into businesses and funds … Continue reading

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