Social Innovation- which is closest to your definition?

In a recent paper by Andrea Bassi claims:

“the term, Social Innovation, is currently riding the waves of success in the social sciences, particularly in Economics, Sociology, and Political Science; so much so that in recent years research centers, think tanks, journals, and foundations have been created in order to support the phenomenon. This is much due to the fact that it has also become the rallying cry of many Western political administrations”.

The article goes on to comment:

“Due to its multi-disciplinary approach, it is not surprising that there is a vast array of
definitions tied to Social Innovation; some of which are complementary and others not”….

“We have deemed to be the most significative and pertinent in all of the respective fields. We have categorized them in three definitions: systematic, pragmatic, and managerial”.

Which do you think meets your thinking about Social Innovation?

  • Social innovation is a complex process of introducing new products, processes or programs that profoundly change the basic routines, resource and authority flows, or beliefs of the social system in which the innovation occurs. Such successful social innovations have durability and broad impact.
  • Social innovation refers to innovative activities and services that are motivated by the goal of meeting a social need and that are predominantly diffused through organizations whose primary purposes are social.
  • A novel solution to a social problem that is more effective, efficient, sustainable, or just than existing solutions and for which the value created accrues primarily to society as a whole rather than private individuals.

Do any of these work for you?

For me I tried to offer some thoughts recently and offer these as my contribution because I feel you have to define the different aspects first:

Society -the group, the organized community, the common point (hopefully) of our aims and interests or at least the defining one that seperates us.

Societal innovation is broad areas or themes that collectively we gather around. It is the point where we start asking and finding innovative ways forward to the bigger challenges within our society.

Social innovation– as a definition is really beginning to refer to innovations being sought and worked upon in the social sector — in other words, innovation applied to social, health and environmental problems, as opposed to business innovation.

Each has at its core the need of community and recognizing the challenges that make up our ‘need’ for society to function for the betterment of all and that requires innovation to draw out ideas and contributions to help many struggling on the margins with one or more issues that they need help with.

I’d like to hear your thoughts or suggestions?


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