Just announced Social targets for the EU by 2020

See below for the EU social targets for 2020. Can social innovators make it happen? Can we do better?

Any thoughts or reactions to these- to0 little, to late? Do these really address the REAL societal problems we are facing? I feel they don’t, just poor compromise so all nations and fractions can sign on.

For me, really disappointing, it is a bit like stating we are aiming to go half way to the moon, where is the real commitment to make these central to what we need to do? A set of commitments that make you realize you just have to get involved?

1. Employment

  • 75% of the 20-64 year-olds to be employed

2. R&D / innovation

  • 3% of the EU’s GDP (public and private combined) to be invested in R&D/innovation

3. Climate change / energy

  • greenhouse gas emissions 20% (or even 30%, if the conditions are right) lower than 1990
  • 20% of energy from renewables
  • 20% increase in energy efficiency

4. Education

  • Reducing school drop-out rates below 10%
  • at least 40% of 30-34–year-olds completing third level education

5. Poverty / social exclusion

  • at least 20 million fewer people in or at risk of poverty and social exclusion

Source http://socialinnovationeurope.eu/node/2394


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