Innovation in Giving- a new UK fund

Innovation in Giving

Geoff Mulgan through his blog as CEO of Nesta has announced a new fund that might have interest to some within this community.

 Geoff commented:

“Yesterday (7th September 2011) we launched a new fund to support innovation in giving.  It’s funded by the Cabinet Office and will back ideas with the potential to achieve a big impact on how people give time, share time or give money. The sums are quite big – £10m over two years – and I’m hoping we’ll get some really imaginative ideas.

“This is the first time that I’m aware of that significant resources have been invested in systematic innovation”.

“It matters because although the UK is blessed with strong and confident voluntary organisations, I often feel that we haven’t quite got the right models to make the most of people’s willingness to give and share.  The same is probably true of the many devices already out there for giving money, from payroll giving to chuggers. There are lots of brilliant projects underway around the country, and no shortage of expertise. Hopefully with this new fund we can help some of them evolve to another order of impact”.

“A striking finding of recent social science research is that giving is one of the best ways to make yourself happier, and not just the person on the receiving end of the gift. This is also true of whole societies: global data shows that giving has a strong correlation with reported happiness, a co-efficient of 0.69 compared to 0.58 for the link between GDP and happiness”

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