An Abundance of Sex, Drugs, and Consumerism

For the typical 50-year-old western European (do your best to conjure up a stereotype) life has been good.

There has been an abundance:  abundance of food; abundance of health services; an abundance of education;  and even  an abundance of the unmentionable trio of sex, drugs and rock and roll. We have had it good – we are the consumer generation.

There is another unmentionable of course which is far more telling and the question that I am asking myself is “After all this consumption what am I leaving for those that follow?” It’s a question that I avoid answering , and a question that, I suspect,  many of us avoid asking too.”

One of the many possible ways forward might be to consider the idea of becoming a  ‘prosumer’ in the sense a  that we move  away from the economic model of a corporation making things for people to consume and move to the more sustainable model where people once again start to make things for themselves.

Simple examples might include:

  • growing one’s own food;
  • repairing clothing and appliances rather than buying new items;
  • playing musical instruments rather than listening to recorded music.

Of course many of the citizens of  our cities already do this and if you seek empirical evidence go and hang about in the Northern Quarter of Manchester and visit the Nexus Arts Cafe.


About David C Roberts

I am passionate about innovation, development, learning, and the future. I work internationally supporting individual entrepreneurs, organisations, educational institutions and government bodies. I am available to speak, facilitate learning sessions and run enterprise workshops. Areas of experience and know how include: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Leadership, Management Accounting, and People Development .
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2 Responses to An Abundance of Sex, Drugs, and Consumerism

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  2. Sue Bray says:

    Interesting ideas David. I have read recently about how the new forms of online consumerism really represent a throwback to earlier days of bartering. Many of these online consumer options- such as e-Bay, put power in the hands of the people by eliminating the corporate middle-men and directly connecting people with goods and each other. Now there are new sites that are directly about trading goods and services with no exchange of money And the interesting thing is that an important aspect of this type of consumerism / bartering is based on the old-fashion concept of “trust.” If I buy a used book on Amazon– i trust that that person will send it me. But I can also see how “trustworthy” that person is by the ratings of others. Interesting how some old-fashioned notions like bartering, trust and no middle person have been supported by modern technology. Alvin Toffler: “What do networks want? The re-distribution of power…” SUE

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