Three requirements for Societal Innovation

During this past week I have had to opportunity to play the role of ‘Thinker in Residence’ at the Aalto University Camp for Societal Innovation ACSI.  The camp enables attendees to self organise and experiment with new ideas, new possibilities, and new ways of collaboration. There were no requirements for me to produce reports to justify my attendance at the event – an innovation in itself.

In conversation with Philippe Lukacs I learned about his thoughts on the three requirements for Societal Innovation to happen. As Philippe explained his ideas I felt that I had a sense of empowerment that I too could be a part of significant societal change. I felt that in his words I could both take the ‘Key’  to the future and use it. ‘Key’ being a metaphor that Societal Analyst Bjorn Sanderberg uses to explain what needs to be found to unlock the idea that change has happened and that we need to open our minds to the new society.

Philippe’s philosophy to enable societal innovation is as follows.

1) Accept the value and potential in each and every human being.

2) Search for mutuality among both people and organisations.

3) Learn to appreciate more nature and the environment.

This I can do!


About David C Roberts

I am passionate about innovation, development, learning, and the future. I work internationally supporting individual entrepreneurs, organisations, educational institutions and government bodies. I am available to speak, facilitate learning sessions and run enterprise workshops. Areas of experience and know how include: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Leadership, Management Accounting, and People Development .
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