Predicting the future

Societal innovation is for me, to find solutions to restore a divided society. It is about finding solutions here and now for a new societal building, who is in tune with his times- a contemporary so completely different from the time that was the norm for the established society. I think this is an important distinction, to spend time and focus on the right level.

To build the future society, in a time that is more unpredictable than ever, is an almost impossible task – especially if it also means that our present society allowed to split and shattered by enormous losses on the road. Of course it exciting and cool to speculate about the future and try to look deep into the crystal ball, but it is something that history has learned us, is that predicting the future is impossible. When we have tried, with large black strokes, to shape the new, it often proved to be wrong.

The welfare building, with the large-scale solution models, in which the little man no longer is neither visible or fit in, is a monument of social engineering at its worst. So when we are going to restore the society building – the community – we must ensure that it has the potential for constant adjustments in an ever-changing time. Otherwise we – once again – rebuild ourselves into our own house.

To predict the future, we need to know what songs people are ready to sing, once said Vaclav Havel. To know what songs people want to sing is not so simple, so why not focus on understanding the present, there seems to be difficult enough, but oh so important.

The future does not exist, it´s created by people and is based on human decisions that we do not know anything about today. To understand our complex and different contemporary world is an important starting point in order to face the future with confidence.

We cannot choose what time we live in, we can only try to change it a little while we are here.


About sanderberg

I´m a Society Analyst, Innovator and Opinion leaders and I help people and organization to understand our completely new era and how it affects our society. I have summarized my thoughts and reflections in an interactive book in three parts, which I call Society Developers 2.0.
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