A unique meeting around Impact Economy investing

Recently the White House hosted a meeting of all the different interested parties around this Impact Economy (June 22, 2011).  In collaboration with the Aspen Institute it was bringing together the Impact Economy Initiative, a project of the Philanthropy and Social Innovation (PSI) program, and working directly with the Office of Social Innovation and Civic Participation at the White House to enable this event and explore ways to take this further. A report about the outcome recommendation comes out later this summer.

So far in a report completed earlier it has been identified than $50 billion of assets under management are associated with impact investments. The predictions are this can rise rapidly to $500 billion, even talk of $1 trillion in the year’s ahead if this momentum moves from a present uncoordinated set of innovation activities into a new domain, a major complementary force for providing capital, the talent and creativity needed to address pressing social and environmental challenges.

There will be a report on the White House meeting later this summer, 2011 issued by the Aspen Institute. When it becomes avaiable we will take some relevant comments from it and share these here.


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