Societal innovation- its importance within communities

We seem to be facing a fairly long period of economic restructuring in most developed economies. Add to this the consistent globalisation of local jobs, rapid technology change, polarization of opinions, we do seemingly seem to be facing a world of great uncertainty and increasing complexity in the coming period.

Our governments are searching for solutions but you have to have a certain degree of sympthy with them as much of what is occuring has global aspects, individual nations can’t so easily manage, they have to negotiate, compromise and all this takes far to much time in this global connected world.

The premium today for growth does seems to be centred on new knowledge acquisition to add jobs and promote new solutions to tackle unfamiliar or persistent problems within society. We seemingly can’t afford or tolerate in capital markets anything that seems inefficient, applying unsustainable practices or not innovating well.

Innovation- based on solving societal problems- offers a real meaningful solution for us all. If we can harness the best ideas for emergent problems, explore these in timely fashion we can move beyond our existing crisis. We are all searching for personal meaning and actively working within our society does offer part of our solutions to get engaged. Where can we start?

The four main areas that Societal Innovation can address and they are all near you!!

  1. Resolving the problems around our growing physical needs and limited resources (age, health, education)
  2. The increasing need for a different type of skill and capability set that innovation seems to require and often we are not taught- in school, business or society
  3. A major shift in care and service- serving the needs of others, communities and those actually close to us
  4. Psychic needs- the recognition, increased understanding and care that cuts across our societies in so many different, often in bewildering ways.

Innovation is societal, societal is the new innovation- what do you think?


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