Shifts taking place to challenge our thinking

There needs to be this major shift from market-led to more socially-lead organizations occurring within our societes. We are beginning to see pockets of this, as a number of business organizations are addressing the issues of offering clearer governance and sustainability outlines, as part of their annual reporting. We need to push them a lot harder. We need to move away from business- only innovation, into society based solutions.

There are real shifts taking place

Society has shifted, it is shifting; the consumer is now seen as becoming the key supplier of content, of meaning, of their taste preferences, of their emotions, of their needs and the goods and services they will buy, they are seemingly ‘pushing back’ on the goods simply supplied as a great ‘idea hatched in the silo of individual businesses.

Mass consumption, the model honed in the 20th century doesn’t work anymore. Customers are actually saying “less choice, more say” and seeking deeper self-determination. This personalising of preference can seem like more complexity for organizations but there are many ways to manage this but it requires real change in organizations, oriented to society more, serving them more.

The marketing thinking is in need of adapting also.

Consumers are searching for better well-being: through health and wellness, connectedness, personal growth and identity and control. Everything is coming more into a ‘context’ economy that places value on customization, adaptability and transformation with the overriding value statement of “what we will value as against what we consume”.

Society is finding its voice, we have the technology to make this happen, we need more societal innovation that resolves some of our pressing issues.

Any thoughts?


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